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Whether you just want to see if your toilet is running, have your entire system inspected and repaired, or need help confronting a shady landlord about plumbing problems that are putting you at risk, a thorough, unbiased plumbing inspection by a licensed and insured professional is what you need.

As plumbing problems tend to be systemic, it's best to determine the overall condition of the system before commencing work. We don’t just pop our head in, run a faucet, flush a toilet, and call it an inspection - we examine every single aspect of your issue down to the finest detail. You’ll receive a thoroughly detailed written report with photos of your issue (plus video when necessary) backed up by our expertise and licensure that simply cannot be ignored.

We operate by appointment only and do not offer 24-7 on-call service.

Benson & Douglas Independent Plumbing In
Inspection Services Overview
  • Full Plumbing Inspection & Report

  • Water Pressure & Volume Testing

  • Water Quality Testing

  • Water Heater Inspection to Include Venting

  • Carbon Monoxide Testing & Gas Leak Detection

  • Water Leak & Sewer Leak Testing

  • Camera Inspections of Drain Lines & Plumbing System Vents

  • Mini Camera Inspections for Small Diameter Pipes

  • Camera Inspections of Main Sewer Line

  • New Construction/Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Post-Repair Checkup

  • Equipment Installation Compliance with Manufacturer Specs

  • Recall Safety Checks on Water Heaters & Appliances

  • Inspect Sewer Ejector & Sump Pumps

  • Septic Tank Location

  • Identify Types and Condition of Pipes in Service 

  • Inspect Plumbing in Crawlspace

  • Dekalb County Certificate of Compliance

  • Insurance Claim Inspections

  • Cost Analysis of Repairs (to know what to expect to spend)

  • Expert Witness Testimony for Dispute Resolution

  • Ongoing Consulting

Explanations of Inspection Services

Commercial Services

Whether you lease or own, commercial plumbing issues can be a nightmare. Lessees can find themselves with an uphill battle to fight depending on the quality and responsiveness of their landlord and property management. Many tenants even find themselves in situations where the property management/landlord is the direct cause of a plumbing issue due to cheaply hiring unqualified personnel to perform work. If you own, it can feel very overwhelming and daunting to pinpoint and resolve plumbing issues when they occur, and frequently owners spend a lot of money having service plumbers out over and over again poking at the symptoms and never really finding the root causes. Depending on the nature of the business, there is also the issue of specialty equipment such as boilers, RO systems, water filtration and water softeners, mixing valves, appliances, etc. Have they all been installed properly to manufacturers’ specs? Are they being regularly maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ specs so as not to void warranty? Is that sewer line or drain line backup that keeps recurring being caused by a bigger problem in the line that has not been pointed out to you yet due to the money being made on repeat service calls? If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, call us. If you are considering buying a commercial space or building, then our Complete 360 Pre-Purchase Inspection can greatly benefit you. Call or email for details. Food Service Have you recently built out a food service establishment? Did you have licensed, qualified plumbers perform the work? I’ve seen many an owner cut corners by doing the plumbing themselves or hiring cheap, unqualified people. This can put you and the people you serve at a great safety and health risk if the food service-specific portions of the plumbing code are not meticulously followed. One of many examples of import is your carbonated drink machines. Improperly installed carbonated drink machines using the wrong types of fittings, neglecting to install a backflow preventer on the supply side of the machine, or failure of an existing backflow preventer due to age and no regular maintenance will allow carbonic acid to come in contact with copper pipes. When this happens, dissolved copper flows back through the drink machine, and the first people dispensing their drinks will get copper poisoning. Are you sure they were installed properly? Call us if you have any doubt about plumbing installation or recent repairs in your food service establishment.

Residential Services

One of the most beneficial residential services we offer is the pre-purchase inspection. Our Complete 360 Pre-Purchase Inspection includes every service in our above list except for ongoing consulting and expert witness testimony. If, after full inspection, either of those services are found to be needed, we are glad to provide them, however. Every inspection is tailored and priced based on the size of the home and any special or specific considerations. If you’ve read elsewhere on the site, especially the Consumer Reports investigation from 2019, then you know that major plumbing issues are regularly missed in home inspections prior to purchase. I’ve seen it time and time again. It is a major setback if you have allocated a certain budget for purchasing a home only to find after you purchase it that there is between 10k and 60k or more worth of plumbing issues to be addressed. This is especially true of older homes with cast iron drain lines, galvanized water lines, polybutylene water lines, etc. Additionally, the old black iron, galvanized, or soft copper natural gas piping and connections in older homes are very prone to present problems due to age and other factors. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone in the crawlspace of an old house to find multiple natural gas leaks occurring unbeknownst to anyone. There are many unseen elements in a plumbing system that no one thinks about until they are major problems, including sump pumps and sewer ejectors. We look in the basins with cameras and verify whether or not the pumps are functioning properly. Water Heaters! One of the most common and HIGHEST LIABILITY items I’ve seen overlooked is the water heater. Water heaters are potential bombs. Don't believe me? Watch this 3-minute MythBusters clip. While this one was done in a controlled environment where no one was hurt, unfortunately water heaters explode in people's homes and businesses every year due to lack of regular maintenance, improper installations, and tampering/capping by unqualified DIYers or maintenance or "handyman" personnel. See here for home security camera footage of a close call. They were fortunate. Some, however, are not so fortunate, and these explosions can cause severe injury and even loss of life, as you'll see in the tragic story here. Water heaters need to be inspected at least annually; however, the temperature and pressure relief valves that protect against explosions are supposed to be tested bi-annually to make sure they are not seized shut or capped off due to tampering. On gas water heaters, there are multiple points of potential major problems, to include the natural gas supply and the venting of flue gases which contain carbon monoxide. Many old homes have gas water heaters with flue piping that is corroded or has holes in it somewhere not readily seen like in a chase or attic or perhaps is not drafting properly due to other problems which allows carbon monoxide into the home. We perform a thorough inspection of all these aspects, even if it means putting a camera down the flue pipe. We also perform a carbon monoxide test to make sure you aren’t at risk. This goes for water heaters and any other gas appliance that has potential to cause carbon monoxide, such as gas log fireplaces. CALL US BEFORE YOU BUY! If you read the list of services above, you’ll see that we have every specialty capability necessary to go over the plumbing system with a fine-tooth comb.

Legal Services

Are you in a tough situation where you think you might have to sue someone for plumbing negligence, malpractice, or faulty installations? This someone could be a contractor, repairman, handyman, your landlord, etc. We can perform a meticulous inspection, provide a thorough report to you or the party in question, and put pressure on them to make it right that many times will keep it out of litigation. If litigation is unavoidable, we can consult with you through the process and sit on the stand as an expert witness for you. Are you an attorney or law firm that pursues this type of litigation regularly? We can do the same for you and your client. Whether it's construction law issues related to plumbing, property damage, improper installation of an appliance or water heater, etc., we’re here to help. Insurance Claims Are you in a situation where you know you have plumbing-related damage, but your insurance company is trying to get out of paying for it? We can help you with that too, with the same type of inspection and reporting services as above. Home Warranties Using the same techniques listed above under the Legal and Insurance descriptions, we’ve helped many people in disputes with their home warranty companies. Many of these companies try to get out of paying for repairs due to tricky language and fine print, or they might send someone on their “preferred provider” list to inspect who has a vested interest in keeping the warranty company from having to pay anything. That’s where we come in. We go over the language of your home warranty down to the finest detail then we inspect, identify the problem, and provide a report, which in many cases the home warranty company cannot ignore or try to obfuscate by making claims that the problem is not covered.


Outside of the more typical services we provide and have detailed above, we are here for any type of custom, peculiar, or out of the ordinary circumstance, big or small. • Did you have a repair or installation done recently and have a suspicion there is a problem or it wasn’t done properly? We’ll inspect it for you. This is especially good to do before any sheetrock, flooring, or other covering gets put back over the work to conceal it. There’s hardly anything worse in the world of plumbing problems than discovering a problem AFTER the pipes have been concealed. • Are you getting abnormally high water bills suddenly and don’t know why? Contact us. • Do you need to consult on an issue regarding application or interpretation of the plumbing code? Contact us. • Are you a service plumber doing repairs on a job and need more specialty camera capabilities to see inside or locate a pipe? Contact us. • Are you an architect or contractor that needs consulting on layout or location of concealed piping prior to slab tear-out, etc.? Contact us. • Do you need an honest cost analysis of plumbing repairs performed on a home or business that you know has multiple issues? Contact us. We can provide thorough cost analysis in a low pressure, unbiased fashion, as we have nothing to profit from trying to sell or perform the repairs. Is there some other situation I’m not listing that you are thinking of? Don’t hesitate to call or email us and ask about it. YOU GET THE IDEA!

Camera Inspections

We have specialty camera inspection capabilities that most service plumbing companies you might call simply do not have. The companies that do have cameras on their service trucks typically only have one that can inspect larger diameter pipe, such as main sewer line or 3- and 4-inch diameter drain lines coming off of toilets (which means they will still have to pull the toilet off the floor to be able to induce). We can inspect virtually every inch of drain piping in your system, even down to the most common small diameter pipes that will be found in your home or business, and we can do most all of it without ever having to remove a fixture. These capabilities are especially valuable during pre-purchase inspections. You will be hard-pressed to find our specialty drain line inspection camera capabilities anywhere else. Another example of where these capabilities could save you a lot of money and headache is if you have work to do under a slab or anywhere drain lines are concealed and need to know exactly where the pipes are to determine where and how much to cut before beginning demolition. Don't hesitate to call us for all your drain inspection needs!

Repair Services
  • Find & repair leak

  • Install or repair faucet

  • Repair, replace, or install garbage disposal

  • Repair, replace, or install toilet

  • Install or repair shower

  • Install tub & shower valves

  • Install or repair tub waste & overflow

  • Repair tub drain

  • Replace or install tub

  • Install hot water recirculation pump

  • Install or replace pressure-reducing valve

  • Replace main water shut-off valve

  • Repair outdoor systems

  • Unclog drain

  • Unclog toilet

  • Drain cleaning

  • Repair or replace main water service

  • Repair or replace main sewer line

  • Repair sewer

  • Repair pipe

  • Whole house re-pipe

  • Repair, replace, or install water heater

  • Install or repair tankless water heater

  • Flush tankless water heater

  • Repair gas leak

  • Backflow prevention/install backflow preventer

  • Install point-of-use water filter

  • Whole house water filtration

  • Sewer gas smell

  • Main line backups

  • Snake main line

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Through years of relationship-building and working together, we have formed a full network of professionals we know and trust that we can recommend for any aspects of damage from a plumbing issue you might have that require other services, such as water removal, mold testing and remediation, post-damage remodeling, electrical, etc.