The plumbing code and plumbing laws exist to protect health, life, & property.


My plumbing career thus far has allowed me to do that, but I decided this venture would allow me to take that desire to the next level and make it my primary focus.

Keith Forrester

Owner, Master Plumber

The inspiration for this company comes from my own personal experiences in the field as a plumber performing residential and commercial plumbing service, repair, installation, and remodel since 2009, as well as one year of managing the service plumbing department of a large commercial company.



From 2009 to the present, I calculated the number of calls I've run to be around 15,000 and counting, ranging from small repair projects to much larger projects and installations, including underground sewer and water line replacements and everything in between. I was fortunate to have a wide variety of experiences and see many different types of problems that even other plumbers I know haven’t had a chance to see. I aggressively pursued my education, training, and State licenses, obtaining first my Journeyman’s license and then my Class II Unrestricted Master Plumber License. I also trained apprentices in the field and vetted new Journeymen. Then, in managing the commercial service plumbing department, I did the project management for 70+ larger commercial projects and managed five service plumbers.

Prior to my time in the plumbing field, I spent my early career in residential remodeling as a carpenter and cabinetmaker and then as a maintenance technician for residential and commercial property management companies. I also spent 5 years in the Army National Guard. I have roughly 23 years in the trades in one capacity or another.


During my time in service, I had to come behind and fix the shoddy work of unqualified personnel who were putting people in danger more times than I can count. From all these experiences, I came to the strong conviction that thorough, unbiased plumbing inspections simply did not exist in the State of Georgia or even the US. Through research, I quickly found that the facts back up my experience. For instance, I have already known for years that home inspection agencies will miss the mark on many things when inspecting a home, especially plumbing. I realized this is a needed service and that I could use my experiences to help people.

My qualifications to inspect start with my accumulated experience which is then backed up by my licensure. To obtain State licensure, I was required to study and test to prove my proficiency in the International Plumbing Code and the State of Georgia specific amendments, as well as show proficient knowledge in plumbing business operations and liability. I also complete continuing education every year as required by the State to maintain my plumbing license. Additionally, I am presently in national certification programs of study to become a certified plumbing inspector with both the International Code Council and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, as well as certification with the American Society of Sanitary Engineering, and am an active member of each organization. There are many certifications after these that I plan to pursue as well.




I've wanted to start a non-profit plumbing charity for quite some time and was actively involved in one in 2012 where I did a water purification project in Nicaragua. I hope to use this platform as a way to eventually realize this dream. There is a misconception that unsanitary water quality and lack of adequate plumbing access are only problems in other parts of the world, but there are many cases here in Georgia and the States where people do not have clean running water, and sometimes even people with access have unsafe plumbing without their knowledge, either due to work performed by unqualified personnel or simply due to the age of their plumbing system. With the cost of having a plumber in your home or business rising exponentially due to trade shortages and other factors, it is becoming increasingly infeasible for lower income people to afford even basic repairs. I saw hundreds of situations like this in the field. I hope in the coming years to play a part in remedying some of these problems through charity work. 

Samuel Benson Forrester
Grandpa, Inspiration

My grandpa Ben was an HVAC and industrial maintenance man who eventually started and ran his own business until he retired (even after losing the use of one arm), at which point my dad, Douglas, took it over. Even though I didn’t directly continue the family business, I wanted a way to tip my hat to past and present men of my family in one name, and that’s how I came about Benson & Douglas. Grandpa was a man of great character, and much of my honor code is thanks to his example of doing right.