Plumbing issues and don't know who to trust?

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Benson & Douglas Independent Plumbing Inspectors is a third-party, unbiased, completely independent plumbing investigating, testing, & reporting company in Georgia. We also offer plumbing service, repair, installation, and remodel. We are a small, family-run boutique firm and, as such, do not offer 24-7 service but respond to emergencies as we are able.

​Our services will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of stress. We will help you prevent, identify, and resolve plumbing issues and disasters. We will fight with you against anyone putting you in, or refusing to resolve, an unsafe situation.


We serve homeowners, home sellers and buyers, business owners, commercial and residential lessees, insurance companies, builders, architects, property managers, engineers, lawyers, and anyone else in need of our services.

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Inspection is at the heart of what we do. We approach plumbing problems systemically. This is our guiding philosophy, whether you're consulting us for inspecting, repairs, or both. We give you an unbiased, impartial, comprehensive, and detailed report that can be tailored to meet any specific requirements you might have, including expert witness reports that can be used in dispute resolutions inside or outside of court. We want to give you peace of mind and reassurance that your plumbing problems are identified and resolved as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Inspection & Repair Services

Full Plumbing Inspection & Report

Water Pressure, Volume, & Quality Testing

Carbon Monoxide, Water Leak, Sewer Leak, & Gas Leak Testing

Water Heater Inspections

Camera-Assisted Inspections (including mini)

Pre-Purchase & Post-Repair Inspections

Expert Witness Testimony for Dispute Resolution

Ongoing Consulting

Plumbing Service & Repair

and more

Why isn't a home inspection enough?

Even reputable and honest home inspection agencies often miss the mark on many things when inspecting a home, just by nature of their certification limitations when it comes to plumbing. Not only are home inspectors not required to be licensed or insured, the plumbing-specific requirements for home inspectors to look for and understand are even less than basic. Many homeowners don't notice this aspect of their contracts and falsely assume their plumbing system is fine.


Clients Recommend Us Because...

Josh J.

Homeowner, Atlanta

I’ve used Keith’s services on two different occasions: once for an installation (during his previous field career) and the other for an inspection. Happy on both accounts. One thing that stood out to me was Keith’s professionalism. He was likable, prompt, detailed, and thorough, but most of all he took the time to answer any and all questions I had. He even followed up, which I didn’t expect. I would definitely not hesitate to use his services again and would recommend to anyone in giving him a call.

Jackie S.

Homeowner, Senoia

Keith was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive and puts in the time not only in the job but even after his job is completed. Excellent report, very specific and detailed. He is very personable and understands the plumbing codes, as well as best practices and does his homework. I will use him again for any issues and would refer him to anyone. He is trustworthy and has integrity.

Lindsey C.
Business Owner/Lessee, Atlanta

Keith performed an analysis of our office’s dangerous plumbing and drainage issues that the landlord had failed to remedy. He provided a detailed description of the issues and clearly outlined the steps required to correct the issues. The detailed report was impossible for the landlord to ignore, and repair work began immediately after they received the report.


Keith was prompt, professional, friendly, and thorough, and having an independent review of our issues gave us confidence that all issues were being addressed. The cost of his review and report will pay for themselves several times over in terms of time, money, & headache!

Vivian B.

Homeowner, Decatur

Keith performed a very thorough inspection and offered advice on alternative fixes. I remembered him from a prior company. He is very knowledgeable, and I have full confidence in his work.

Robert Z.

Homeowner, Atlanta

We had Keith come do an inspection in our home and learned SO much! Wish we had done this prior to closing on our home. He came out and fixed some critical things, installed a new water heater/thermal expansion tank, and replaced all our toilets. Very reasonable quotes, professional, and did a great job in our home. Highly recommend if you need any plumbing work or even for a general inspection so you can better protect your home and anticipate what work may need to be done now/in the future.


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